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Canadian Prostate Cancer Guide

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Guides to prepare you for visits with your doctors and care team.

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A coast to coast directory is available to help you find support in your area or online.

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Hear from other patients and caregivers about their experiences with prostate cancer. Share your story with us too!


We can help you in achieving the support you’re looking for. On the Canadian Prostate Cancer Guide website you can look to find the most up to date information on prostate cancer in one place.

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) has a long and established relationship with prostate cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and support groups. Indeed, CCSN was the recipient of the Dried Prostate Award from Prostate Cancer Network Ottawa in 2014.

24, 600 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually in Canada, with a five-year net survival rate of 91%. Given its history in working in the prostate cancer field, CCSN in looking at taking a more active national role, including forging closer relationships with prostate cancer support groups across Canada and in building this website.


The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) is a leader in patient participation in healthcare, with a mandate to educate the public and policy makers about cancer survivorship and engage in and encourage research on ways to alleviate barriers to optimal cancer care in Canada. CCSN is working to raise awareness about the importance of the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, including the need for formal prostate screening programs in every province and territory. The Canadian Prostate Cancer Guide is yours to use and to improve. Send us your cancer journey story to be included on the site. Suggest patient and caregiver guides about how to talk to your healthcare team, or treatment guidelines you found useful. Suggest prostate cancer topics for webinars!
Jackie Manthorne

Featured Resources

Butts in A Boat Prostate Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team by Jeff Greig
Butts in a Boat
Not only do participants enjoy participating in great physical activity, but the study also showed the positive impact on men’s psychosocial wellbeing as being even more important. And to this I personally attest.
Scientists develop cheap and quick spit test for prostate cancer
The Guardian
Scientists have developed a spit test that could “turn the tide” on prostate cancer worldwide by spotting the disease earlier, detecting where men are at high risk and sparing others unnecessary treatment.
Lifestyle Management
True North
TrueNTH Lifestyle Management offers exercise and nutrition programs for prostate cancer patients and survivors. Community-based programs, home programs, and information resources are available.
Alberta adding access to new type of prostate cancer screening
Edmonton Journal
Albertans will soon have access to a new, experimental kind of prostate cancer screening that promises to offer better results than typical testing. “It functions by creating images that use radioactive tracers to reveal tissue and organ function,” said Health Minister Adriana LaGrange in a news release Wednesday.
Analysis of findings from long-term study reveals more genetic mutations associated with aggressive prostate cancer
The Institute of Cancer Research
Scientists have added to the list of inherited genetic mutations known to increase the risk of more aggressive prostate cancer. This information could help with identifying prostate cancer patients who are more likely to experience rapid progression of the disease. - Published July 2nd 2024
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