Early Detection and Screening

Use the Early Detection and Screening section to view information about getting a PSA test, risk calculators, and digital rectal exams. Generally, as you get older, your risk of prostate cancer increases, which is why screening earlier should always be a priority.

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The 2 Tests for Prostate Cancer you Should Know About
Canadian Cancer Society
A summary of the two tests available to help detect prostate cancer early -- the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and the digital rectal exam (DRE).
About PSA Monitoring and Cancer Recurrence
True North
What is a PSA test? What is it for? When should you talk to your doctor about it? This website answers all general questions regarding early detection, screening and treatments.
Prostate Cancer Risk Groups Have You Determined Your Risk Group?
Prostate Cancer Free
Do you know your prostate cancer risk group? Learn how prostate cancer is diagnosed and compare treatment options based on your risk assessment.
Institute for Urologic Oncology – Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator for MRI-Guided Biopsy (PCRC-MRI)
University of California Los Angeles
A new tool from the University of Alberta, in collaboration with UCLA, helps to reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies and target people based on the probable outcome of a biopsy.
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