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BioAro Inc. to Donate Genomic Testing Free of Charge to 100 Prostate Cancer Centre Patients
BioAro has partnered with the Prostate Cancer Centre to offer genomic testing to eligible Southern Alberta Institute of Urology patients. This service will help predict the aggressiveness of the cancer and decide which treatment option is best suited for the patient. *Published May 2023
Prostate Cancer Centre Calgary
The Man Van is a travelling prostate cancer screening clinic run by the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre that offers free PSA tests.
Counselling and Support in Cancer Care – Psychosocial Oncology
Alberta Health Services
A list of contacts and phone numbers throughout Alberta for counselling and support services.
Find Healthcare
Alberta Health Services
Use this search tool to find hospitals, facilities, programs, and services in Alberta.
Patients and families – Indigenous cancer health
Alberta Health Services
It is essential to support Indigenous people with cancer and their families in culturally appropriate ways. Cancer can create stress and worries about the future. We hope these resources help answer some questions and give you the information you need about other available supports and resources.
Patients and Families – Newly Diagnosed with Cancer
Alberta Health Services
Being diagnosed with cancer is life-changing, but you are not alone. Find information on what to expect, how to prepare and get support, resources you can use and things you can do as you move forward in the Newly Diagnosed with Cancer book.
Patients and families – Other wellness Supports
Alberta Health Services
In addition to the psychosocial and rehabilitation support that we provide, there are other sources of help you may find helpful both within AHS and in the community.
Patients and families – Psychosocial Oncology
Alberta Health Services
Psychosocial Oncology involves many healthcare specialists who can help support your cancer-related concerns. See information about programs and services in Alberta.
Prostate Cancer Resources
Alberta Health Services
Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be life-changing. But you are not alone. Use these links to find support, information and connection in alberta.
Supports for people with cancer
Cancer Care Alberta
Consult this pdf document to learn more about Alberta's available psychosocial oncology resources.
Health Care Facilities
Government of Alberta
Find hospitals and other approved healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and Primary Care Networks in Alberta.
How to apply for AHCIP
Government of Alberta
Learn how to apply for AHCIP coverage and the information you need to provide in person or by mail.
Cancer Resources and Supports
Metis Nation of Alberta
It can be overwhelming when you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, and you might not know where to seek support. Alberta Metis has gathered a list of trusted supports and services readily available.
Cancer and Fatigue Video Series, Alberta Resource
My Health Alberta
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​People with cancer often have fatigue. It is the most common symptom. It is not like normal fatigue. Cancer-related fatigue does not get better with rest or sleep. Some things can help with cancer-related fatigue. These videos will give you helpful tips to live well despite having cancer-related fatigue. Patients and cancer experts created this video series.
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