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Prostate cancer, masculinity and food. Rationales for perceived diet change
Research indicating that certain diets can lower prostate-specific antigen levels suggests that diet change might be a beneficial treatment adjunct for low-grade prostate cancer. However, few men with prostate cancer adopt significant diet change, indicating a need to better understand how and why they make food choices. This qualitative study explored men’s perceptions of their diets following a prostate cancer diagnosis, and the rationales underpinning diet changes (or lack thereof).
Post-­diagnostic dietary changes in prostate cancer: associations with patients’ wellbeing and the perceptions of GPs
This article aims to investigate associations between perceived control and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) with dietary changes after prostate cancer diagnosis and to explore General Practitioners' (GPs) perceptions on the role of diet in prostate cancer post-diagnosis.
The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook
Nova Scotia Health
Eating well during your treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. Even when you don’t feel like eating, it is important for all cancer patients information about what types of foods, vitamins and supplementation should be incorporated into each patients diet.
The ELLICSR Kitchen Program
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (University Health Network)
On the third Thursday of every month, Wellness Chef Geremy Capone and Registered Dietitian Daniela Fierini host a live cooking demonstration featuring delicious, seasonal and nutritious recipes that are budget-friendly and easy to prepare. The ELLICSR Kitchen supports cancer survivors with the culinary skills and nutrition resources necessary to support healthier eating practices and to help better manage some of the side effects of cancer or cancer treatment that make it hard to eat well.
Healthy eating tips
Centers for disease control and prevention
This article from the Centers of disease control and prevention on Healthy eating tips might help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to making nutritious decisions. *Published July 2022
Health Promotion – What men can do to help lower the risk of prostate cancer
Government of Canada
The government of Canada offers an overview of potentially modifiable factors men can control to decrease their risk of developing prostate cancer. *Published November 2021
Guidelines for the Prevention of Osteoporosis For Men with Prostate Cancer on Hormone Therapy
Guidelines for the Prevention of Osteoporosis For Men with Prostate Cancer on Hormone Therapy
Hormone therapy for men with prostate cancer increases the likelihood of developping osteoporosis. In this nutrition-focused guideline, BC Cancer highlights things you can do to prevent bone loss during treatment. *Published September 2012
Healthy eating guidelines for cancer survivors
HealthLink BC
Healthy food and lifestyle choices can help you recover from cancer treatment and may reduce the chance of cancer coming back. In this article, Health Link BC shares a list of steps you can take towards facilitating recovery. *Published July 2019
Nova Scotia Health Patient Nutrition Pamphlets
Nova Scotia Health
Here, you can consult Nova Scotia Health's index of dietary pamphlets ranging from post-surgery tips to healthy eating and foods to avoid. Note that these resources are not specific to cancer survivorship
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