Stages and Diagnosis

Please view this section of our website to learn more about the staging systems for prostate cancer, as well as help to prepare for your initial diagnosis. This section will also give you an overview of Gleason scores and MRI-guided prostate procedures.

Resource Type
Understanding Gleason Scores and Pathology Reports
Prostate Cancer Support Toronto
Dr. Andrew J. Evans (January, 2023) delivers a presentation regarding Gleason scores and pathology reports.
Grading and Staging
Vancouver Prostate Centre
Learn about how the grade of a prostate tumour is assessed and what the Gleason score means.
Stages of Prostate Cancer
Canadian Cancer Society
What does the stage of a prostate tumour mean, and how is it determined? Find out about how the TNM staging system is used. *Published February 2021
All About Biopsy
This resource goes over the different types of biopsies for prostate cancer as well as complementary tests (Complete blood count, blood chemistry tests, bone scan, CT scan, MRI)
Your Diagnosis
This resource covers the Gleason grade, Gleason score, the clinical stages and possible areas of metastasis, the risks of your cancer spreading and the types of prostate cancers.
MRI Guide to your Prostate Procedure
Doctors use Prostate MRI to evaluate the extent of prostate cancer and determine whether it has spread. They may also use it to help diagnose infection, conditions you were born with, or an enlarged prostate. Some exams may use an endorectal coil, a thin wire covered with a latex balloon.
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