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Home and continuing care
Government of Nunavut
The Home and Community Care (HCC) program helps Nunavummiut care for themselves with help from family and community members and to keep their sense of independence and well-being.
Health Facilities Map
Government of Nunavut
While cancer treatment is not available in Nunavut, they do have various support services, including mental health care. Visit this website to find a facility in your community.
Medical Travel
Government of Nunavut
The Department of Health offers medical travel benefits to ensure you have access to medical services unavailable in your home community.
Mental Health
Government of Nunavut
The GN offers community-based, regional, and out-of-territory mental health and addiction services. Different types of therapy can provide help and healing. The following are examples of different interventions; the best treatment is often a combination.
Government of Nunavut
The Department of Health provides the following rehabilitation services free of charge to all Nunavut residents with a Nunavut Health Care Card: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, and Community Therapy Assistants.
Health Care Card – Applying for Health Care
Government of Nunavut
To register for the Nunavut Health Care Plan, you must fill out an Application for Nunavut Health Care Coverage form. You can find that form here
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