Signs and Symptoms

This section can be utilized to help you gain knowledge of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. These resources will help keep you informed about the early signs, preventative measures, and risk factors associated with prostate cancer.

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Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
Canadian Cancer Society
Signs and symptoms often appear as the tumour grows and causes changes in the body such as changes in bladder habits. Other health conditions can cause the same symptoms as prostate cancer.
Know the Possible Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer
Cleveland clinic
Catching prostate cancer early is key to a better prognosis. Here are 8 early warning signs that you may have prostate cancer which warrant a trip to your doctor.
Urinary Incontinence
Mayo Clnic
Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control, a common and often embarrassing problem for Prostate Cancer patients. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having the urge to urinate that's so sudden and strong you don't get to a toilet in time.
Signs and Symptoms
This resource provides information on the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer in its different stages and highlights the fact it is often a "silent" cancer.
What are Prostate Cancer Symptoms / Signs? Prostate Cancer Foundation
Prostate Cancer Foundation
In rare cases, prostate cancer can cause symptoms such as a need to urinate frequently, especially at night, some- times urgently; difficulty starting or holding back urination Weak, dribbling, or interrupted flow of urine Painful or burning urination; difficulty in having an erection
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