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Prostate cancer trial aims to deliver shorter, more effective radiotherapy thanks to advanced imaging
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
A new clinical trial offers the possibility of fewer radiation treatments for prostate cancer by using advanced imaging techniques to administer higher doses of radiation safely. Bauman and colleagues hope the combination of PSMA-PET and mpMRI can accurately assess a patient’s response to treatment and find recurrence early when additional treatment is most effective. By analyzing these sophisticated scans before and after treatment, they also hope to find clues about how different types of cancers respond to radiotherapy.
Sunnybrook-led trial aims to determine whether Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR) can replace the standard brachytherapy boost for men with unfavourable risk prostate cancer.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
A clinical trial led by Sunnybrook Hospital seeks to determine whether SABR, a high-dose, short-duration radiation therapy, could benefit more prostate cancer patients rather than Brachytherapy.
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