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Resources for LGBTQ2 People Living with Cancer
Queering Cancer
Queering Cancer's mission is to transform cancer care for the LGBTQ2+ community by improving research, resources, and support for patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.
Transgender People Need Cancer Screening and Timely Care
Cancer Health
Gender-affirming therapy does not necessarily eliminate—and in some cases may increase—cancer risk. Some trans men remain at risk for breast, cervical, endometrial, uterine and ovarian cancers, while most trans women are still susceptible to prostate cancer. *Published June 2023
Eve Tells Her Story as a Transgender Woman with Prostate Cancer #LGBTQ
Male Care
Eve Gammill discusses her life, treatment, challenges and successes as a Transgender woman with prostate cancer. The interviewer is oncology social worker and researcher Darryl Mitteldorf. Malecare is one of the world's leading men's cancer patient support and nonprofit advocacy organizations. Malecare produced the first gay men with a prostate cancer support group in 1997. Malecare pioneered the field of LGBT psycho-oncology and founded the world's first nonprofit to focus on all LGBTQI+ people diagnosed with cancer, the National LGBT Cancer Project *Published June 2022
Seeking Better Data, and Better Health Outcomes for LGBTQ+ Patients
Chief Healthcare Executive
Members of the LGBTQ+ community are at higher risk of developing certain cancers, including prostate cancer and have significantly worse survival rates. Listen to this podcast from C.K. Wang, the chief medical officer of a cancer care company, advocating for the importance of better healthcare for LGTBQ+ patients. Wang discusses essential barriers to treatment access for gender-diverse individuals and what steps healthcare facilities can take to create a more inclusive space. *Published May 2023
LGBT-10 Things you Need to Know About Prostate Cancer
Ladies and gentlemen, whether gay, bisexual, transgender or other genders, you have the same risk as straight men for developing prostate cancer. *Published May 2020
Understanding Prostate Cancer for LGBTIQA+ People
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
This pamphlet offers an overview of prostate cancer specifically for 2SLGBTQ+ patients along with helpful tips for navigating your healthcare treatment options.
Trans Women and Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer UK
Because the prostate is not removed as part of genital reconstructive surgery, trans women and non-binary people assigned male at birth can still get prostate cancer. *Published October 2020
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