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Meal Delivery Programs in Nova Scotia
Victorian Order of Nurses
Meal Delivery Programs in Nova Scotia can be found here. Meals are affordable and convenient and can be adapted to the unique dietary needs of each client.
Nova Scotia Health Events Library
Nova Scotia Health
The Nova Scotia Health Cancer Care Program has an online calendar of events, programs and activities so you can see what is currently being offered. This calendar includes health and wellness activities such as online yoga, Living with Cancer Support Group meetings, and more extensive patient and family events.
Nova Scotia Health Library Services
Nova Scotia Health
The library includes an online catalogue that covers a wide range of topics and is available to all patients. Library staff are available to help people find information. Staff can meet over the phone, online or in person to help you find the needed resources.
Health and Wellness Programs
Nova Scotia Health
Program titles include, but are not limited to: Building Better Sleep, Mindful Movement, Introduction to Take Charge of Your Stress, Introduction to Self-Compassion and Food and Mood, Ready, Set, Move.
Nova Scotia Cancer Care Centres
Nova Scotia Health
Information about Nova Scotia's Cancer Care Centres. Locations and services
Palliative and End Of Life Care
Caregivers Nova Scotia
Caregivers Nova Scotia provides a website module that will dispel fears by giving access to relevant information and providing support on palliative care and end-of-life caregiving.
Resources: Government and other programs
Caregivers Nova Scotia
The federal and provincial governments, as well as other organizations, have a variety of programs to assist Caregivers and Care Recipients. Please follow the links to the various programs (provincial, federal, and other).
Resources: Home Care and other Services
Caregivers Nova Scotia
This section provides information on private home care and other services in Nova Scotia that can offer additional support to you and your care recipient. The lists are broken down by region (see menu box at the right), and organized into specific categories.
Boarding, Transportation and Ostomy Program & Drug Assistance for Cancer Patients
Government of Nova Scotia
The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) is committed to providing financial assistance to eligible Nova Scotian cancer patients through programs such as the Boarding, Transportation and Ostomy (BTO) program and the Drug Assistance for Cancer Patients Program (DACP).
Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI)
Government of Nova Scotia
This is an essential resource for Nova Scotia Residents to: Renew your health card, Report a lost card, Change your address, Find information on MSI eligibility, Move and travel, and Make an out-of-province claim.
Community-based Cancer Clinics
Nova Scotia Health
This webpage includes a list of community-based cancer clinics and their telephone numbers in Nova Scotia
Take-Home Cancer Drug Fund
Nova Scotia Health
The Take-Home Cancer Drug Fund is a financial support program available through the Nova Scotia Health Authority's Cancer Care Program.
Patient Education Video Series: Helping to Support you Through Your Cancer Experience
Nova Scotia Health
The Nova Scotia, Health Cancer Care Program has a library of patient videos covering a wide range of topics, including but not limited to educational videos on prostate cancer procedures, information about cancer centres, coping with cancer-related fatigue, eating well, sadness and depression.
Programs and Services
Nova Scotia Housing
A list of public housing and other affordable rental programs available in Novas Scotia.
Nova Scotia Counselling services
Nova Scotia Health
Support and counselling services can be provided to you by phone or online. Even after you are medically discharged from the Cancer Program, the psychosocial cancer team is still available to help you.
Support groups (Cancer)
Nova Scotia Health
Online and in-person cancer care programs through Halifax and Sydney Cancer Centres.
I have cancer
Nova Scotia Health
An aggregator of all the different cancer services for Nova Scotians living with cancer
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