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Prostate Cancer Articles
Prostate Cancer Support Peterborough
Prostate Cancer Support Peterborough has an excellent list of articles written by experts in the medical field on prostate cancer
Prostate Cancer FAQ’s
Prostate Edmonton Peer Support Society
PEPSS has a list of frequently asked questions about prostate cancer that would be useful to any patient, support staff or family member. The FAQs overview different treatment options, screening, and side effects
An Overview of Treatment Options
Vancouver Prostate Centre
Prostate cancer treatment depends upon the type of cancer, the absence or presence of metastasis, the patient’s age, general health status, life expectancy and any prior prostate treatments the patient may have undergone.
Patient Education: Prostate Cancer
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Four videos from a patient education evening at Sunnybrook Hospital on various topics relevant to prostate cancer patients, including medical advances in radiation therapy and managing fatigue and sexual side effects.
Complementary therapies
Canadian Cancer Society
Your healthcare team may be able to recommend complementary therapies to help you cope with side effects or suggest complementary therapy practitioners who work with people with cancer. Be thorough – evaluate the research evidence of the complimentary therapy that might help you and ask about the practitioner's qualifications.
Different Types of Prostate Cancer Treatments
Active Surveillance, Surgery (Prostatectomy), Radiation Therapy, Drug Therapies for advanced or metastatic prostate cancer and cryotherapy. *Published December 2022
Therapy Treatment
Health Alberta
If you’ve had prostate cancer, bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, or surgery or radiation to the pelvis, this treatment might be the best option for you. Injections can work even if you’ve had the prostate removed and the nerves that cause erections are damaged. *Published March 2019
Choosing your treatment
Depending on your type of prostate cancer (grade, stage, PSA rate), your age, your health status, your medical and family history, you may be able to choose your treatment from among several treatment options. It will then be important to have all the information on each option available to make an informed decision.
Prostate Cancer – Fifth Edition book (2019)
Prostate Cancer Book: Fred Saad, Michael Mccormick
This is a book about prostate cancer that spans several chapters including risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and nutritional well-being. Written by Fred Saad and Michel McCormack and distributed by The Canadian Urological Association. It helps to understand Prostate Cancer and its treatments. Published in 2019
General Information on Prostate Cancer Treatment
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Doctors treating prostate cancer have a wide range of tools available. Your doctors will work with you to design a treatment plan that gives you the most excellent chance of longer life while managing side effects and preserving prostate function.
Prostate Cancer Treatments and Side Effects
If I Were Tom
Overview of treatments for prostate cancer, with easily-skimmed bullet points and videos from medical professionals and survivors
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