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Exercise for people with cancer
Cancer Care Ontario
This PDF document from Cancer Care Ontario offers tips and guidance in terms of exercising safely when you have cancer.
Physiotherapy Treatment After Prostate Cancer
Physiopedia highlights the benefits of seeking physical therapy following prostate cancer treatment. Topics covered include incontinence, erectile dysfunction and pelvic floor function, with exercises and educational videos available.
Pelvic Floor Exercises – Kegels (Male)
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (University Health Network)
Pelvic floor exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and may help you to decrease stress incontinence, have more intense orgasms, improve erectile dysfunction (because of venous leakage that may happen after pelvic surgery) and increase blood flow in your pelvic area. *Published December 2021
Exercise, Physical Activity, and Prostate Cancer
Zero Prostate Cancer
Exercise is a proven way to maintain and improve overall health. Participating in physical activity during and after prostate cancer treatment has many benefits and can improve survival rates.
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