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Black men and Prostate Cancer
The Walnut Foundation
The Walnut Foundation is a Men’s Health Interest and Prostate Support Group working with the Black Community in identifying the needs of Black Men in the areas of health and related issues. The Walnut Foundation strives to make a difference in men’s health and wellness and to provide a forum for discussion in a comfortable, safe and supportive environment.
5 Questions for a Doctor About Black Men and Prostate Cancer
Johnson & Johnson
This article adresses the health disparities and stigma surrounding prostate cancer in Black communities. It highlights the importance of early sreening and taking preemptive measures to support your prostate health.
Sylvester Studies the Genetics of Prostate Cancer Patients to Understand What Drives Disparities
Inventum, Research Medicine and Medical News
Dr. Mahal and the coauthors found that men of African ancestry — despite being at greater risk of developing the disease — are less likely to get comprehensive genetic profiling of their tumours earlier in treatment. That means they don’t benefit as often as patients of European ancestry from testing that would help guide their treatment and improve outcomes.
Prostate Cancer Campaign
Cancer Matters Wessex
Wessex Cancer Alliance, Dorset Race Equality Council and Wessex Voices hosted a conversation on prostate cancer in our online event Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer. Presenters discuss the signs and symptoms, the PSA test and their personal experiences of prostate cancer.
This Calgary Couple is Working to Destigmatize Cancer for Black Canadians
When Yinka Oladele's husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2016, she automatically became his caregiver — but she struggled to find the information and resources needed to navigate his diagnosis as a Black patient. She then made a vow: as soon as her husband was better, she would fill that gap by providing others with the resources, information and support they needed. That led to the creation of the African Cancer Support Group, which is focused on helping patients, survivors and caregivers of African descent navigate the challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis.
Prostate Cancer Risk in the Black community
Canadian Cancer Society
Black men of African or Caribbean ancestry have almost double the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to non-Black men.
Study Sheds Light on Effect of Type of Treatment on Race-based Differences in Prostate Cancer–Specific Survival
Black men have a higher incidence of mortality due to prostate cancer which has to do with disparities in access to treatment and care. However, prostate cancer treatments are just as effective in Black patients as White patients.
Prostate Cancer Screening in Black Men in Canada: a Case for Risk-Stratified Care
Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)
This study sheds light on the fact the Black population is at higher risk for prostate cancer, and healthcare practitioners lack expertise in identifying and treating individuals from this minority group because of a lack of research focused on them. It also discusses the risk of insufficient access to healthcare due to systemic discrimination.
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