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Improving fitness may be linked to a 35% lower risk of prostate cancer, study finds
NBC News
Plenty of research has linked regular exercise to a lower risk of cancer, but a new study suggests that getting into better shape could reduce the risk of prostate cancer in particular, a diagnosis that around 113 out of every 100,000 men get every year in the U.S.
Prostate Cancer Support Toronto Videos
Prostate Cancer Support Toronto
Prostate Cancer Support Toronto Awareness Night Videos with experts in cancer research, psychology, and physiotherapists", Video,Learn Here,Treatment,Radiation Therapy,Sunnybrook Cancer Centre ,,Prostate Brachytherapy: What to Expect,,"Brachytherapy involves the temporary placement of radioactive seeds into the prostate. This video explains what will happen you go through this treatment."
Blood Test may be 94% Effective at Spotting Prostate Cancer
National Post
With the current PSA screening test has shown to be inaccurate, the preliminary findings of a new blood test show promise as a screening tool for prostate cancer. *Published February 2023
Study Co-Authored by Niagara Health Doctor Increases Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer Patients
Niagara Health
Researchers from Niagara Health have found that prostate cancer patients whose cancer returns after being treated with high-intensity focused ultrasound (HiFU) therapy can safely receive higher doses of radiation therapy. *Published October 2022
Phase 3 Study Shows XTANDI® (Enzalutamide) plus Leuprolide Significantly Improves Metastasis-Free Survival in Men with Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer
This Phase 3 clinical trial has shown significant improvements in metastasis-free survival for men with non-metastatic hormone (or castration) -sensitive prostate cancer and those at high risk for biochemical recurrence. *Published March 2023
Early diagnosis of prostate cancer: which test is best?
Population Data BC
A new screening method for prostate cancer is being trialled in British Columbia based on a blood test. *Published July 2022
Prostate Cancer News
Science Daily
Stay up to date with all the latest prostate cancer news using this webpage.
Exosome Diagnostics Releases Interim Results From Clinical Study of Prostate Cancer Risk Test
Typical prostate cancer screening tests distinguish between low-risk and high-risk cases; however, most patients fall in the middle. Researchers hope the current study will provide more in-depth information to guide health decisions for prostate cancer diagnosis. *Published May 2023
Personalization May Improve Prostate Cancer Screening Accuracy
Technology Networks
This recent study has taken a significant step in the right direction for prostate cancer screening! By examining the personalized genetic makeup of patients, researchers were able to determine gene variations in PSA levels unrelated to cancer, cutting down on unnecessary biopsies and improving the diagnosis of aggressive tumours. *Published June 2023
Understanding the Key Facts and Figures about Prostate Cancer Research.
The Terry Fox Research Insitute
The Terry Fox Research Institute has embarked on a multi-pronged strategy to fund the country's best prostate cancer scientific teams and programs.
Artificial Intelligence may Enhance the Efficacy of mpMRI in Prostate Cancer.
Urology Times
Multiparametric MRI is a promising diagnostic tool for prostate cancer that may reduce the need for biopsies to confirm the disease however, lesions can be difficult to detect. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of AI software at increasing the sensititvity for detection of prostate cancer. *Published May 2023
Bone Biomarkers Found to be Prognostic for Overall Survival in Prostate Cancer
Urology times
Bone biomarkers have previously been implicated in castration-resistant prostate cancer. This new study found that these biomarkers may also benefit the understanding of hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. Lower serum levels of these bone metabolism markers were associated with a lower mortality risk. *Published May 2023
Dr. Arenas-Gallo highlights findings on DNA alteration frequency in Hispanic men with prostate cancer
Urology times
This study examined the genetics of Hispanic men with prostate cancer and found they show important alterations in genes related to prostate cancer compared to non-Hispanic men. This is an essential step towards creating targeted therapies for individuals. *Published May 2023
Dr. Ryan on expanding benefits of PSMA-PET imaging in prostate cancer
Urology times
PSMA-PET scans are gaining a foot hold in emerging technologies for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. For patients with high-risk localized prostate cancer this imaging technique may provide physicians with a better indication as to what treatment route to use. Listen to Dr.Ryan explain the benefits of PSMA-PET imaging. *Published May 2023
Diseases and Physical Health Conditions – Cancer
Statistics Canada
This database allows you to view recent trends in cancer prevalence. Searches can be filtered by cancer type for specific results however general overviews are available as well.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Oxford Academic
This resource provides current articles relevant to prostate cancer research and practices.
Dalhousie University on the Benefits of PC-PEP
Dalhousie University
According to a study of Nova Scotian men, a new program to help cancer patients and survivors take charge of their physical and mental health after prostate cancer treatment has dramatically reduced psychological distress.
Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator for MRI-guided biopsy (PCRC-MRI)
Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative
A new tool from the University of Alberta, in collaboration with UCLA, helps to reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies and target people based on the probable outcome of a biopsy. *Published February 2022
Study Reveals Serious Cancer Research Gaps for Black Canadians
In a new study, the University of Ottawa's Interdisciplinary Centre for Black Health (ICBH) has discovered "large gaps in research" on how common types of cancer affect Black people in Canada. After conducting a meta-analysis of medical literature and the 20 most common types of cancer in Canada, the researchers behind the study found no data related to Black people. "What we found is … a real gap when we compared [cancer] research within Black communities and research within other communities," said Jude Mary Cénat, an associate professor at the university's School of psychology and ICBH director. *Published February 2023
Search of: Prostate Cancer
Clinical Trials
This database provides the most up-to-date information on current clinical trials, including those actively recruiting. Filters can be set for cancer type, eligibility criteria, study type, phase, and location
Role of Enzyme in Prostate Cancer Development Discovered; Shows Promise in Tackling Resistance to Treatment
international Business Times
New research has identified an enzyme involved in prostate cancer metabolism and the development of treatment resistance. Targetting this enzyme shows promise as a novel therapy for treatment-resistant prostate cancer. *Published February 2023
Chronic Hypoxia Favours Adoption to a Castration-Resistant Cell State in Prostate cancer.
Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer
This publication provides the latest discovery for possible hypoxic prostate cancer treatment. Despite identifying genomic instability and hypoxia as risk factors, predicting and treating recurrence in intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients remains challenging. This underlies challenges in assigning the functional impact of these risk factors to mechanisms promoting prostate cancer progression. *Published April 2023
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